Monday, 11 October 2010

FACT FILE: 2000 Noble M10

This is an M10, aaand heres an m12 gto....
Not so fast, because the M10 has an important role in the making of the company we know and love, this is probably one of the greatest modern sports cars of the 21 century, it pioneered the ford V6 that were used in the M12, when new it cost about 35k, its figures were just about right for a classic british sports car, 137 mph, 0-60 5.9 sec. It was light, it was a convertable and it is british. Autocar tested the car in 1999, they thought it was better than a Lotus elise, the suspension of this car went into the m12, this is the only production noble which lets you feel the wind in your hair, and they are rare, and they are reliable, the interior is leather, probably the only noble to have that, so next time youre on a m12 related article, spare a thought for the M10, the underdog noble.


  1. hello!
    this pict was made by me!;)

  2. well done, its probably the most famous M10 photo in the world!