Monday, 27 December 2010

TOP 10: Weird and wacky Nobles

10. Noble M400 with racing numbers and personalised plate.
9. Noble M12 GTC concept, a fun and interesting concept.

8. Noble M10, its odd looks are always going to be an eye catcher.

7. Noble M12 with M400 mods and a very weird colour.

6. Noble M400 with white paint and green wheels, it is also the only noble in Singapore.

5. Noble M12 GTO-3 with extra mods and striking orange paint.

4. Noble M14 concept, Lee Nobles 2004 M14 concept is his wackiest design yet.

3. Noble M400, what can i say!, it is IRON MAN M400

2. Noble M400, noble with green paint, racing mods, and sponsorship decals, it's a wacky bit of track kit!

1. Salica M12 convertible, What do you get when you take a M12 and some loonys in a garage with crayons?, the Salica GTR, the maddest Noble of all!!

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