Saturday, 15 January 2011

Noble at PH/Autosport show

The NEC in Birmingham is massive, and it needs to be to hold all the cars and exhibitions that will be there this weekend, but the only cars we are interested in are the Nobles
This photo shows an early 2001 M12 GTO and a 2004 M12 3R, nice decals
An old favourite of Noble was there, a superbly modified 2003 M12 GTO-3 with glorious orange paint.
The star of the show was the first production M600, since the blue prototype was built 2 years ago the car has been fine tuned to make feel more of a complete package.

The interior received many comments about its amazing interior, almost Lamborghini-ish.

The car has been lightened by 80 KG, so more of that power can be used. The less weight likely means a higher top speed.

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